Activities in nature

The Ars Vitae Association is conceived as a gathering place for all those who love working on themselves and without prejudice adopt new knowledge, seeking inspiration primarily in a healthy, honest and relationship of mutual growth and development.

Since the inspiration and denominator of all activities is the Method of Fractal Drawing, which above all respects the principle of perfect balance and harmony with the natural source of each of us, the intention is that other activities of the Association are planned within this framework.

Considering the possibilities and the number of participants, the association organizes education and practical activities in the field of integral practical self-sustainability, ie permaculture ecological process, which as a kind of ecological integrative design of production and consumption that offers much needed quality nowadays.

As we recognized that this modernly formulated concept (the model itself has existed for about 40 years) is actually close to traditional ways of production and economic attitude towards nature inherent in our ancestral traditions, the idea is to combine a modern permaculture / approach to affirmation of existing way of life that is kept in some of the rural or remote areas of our country.

This process will primarily be focused on research and recording areas in which it is possible with a little investment of time and attention to achieve benefits for the local community but also to socialize the region in modern communication flows. Now that communication methods are multiplied, both sides with seemingly opposing realities, avoid concrete communication and joint projects. According to our beliefs and ideas, the time has come to „bring the village to the city“, and not the other way around.

The paradigm that globalization is a sociological progress and the arrival of standards at everyone’s door, actually destroys the authenticity and originality of individual existence. In our opinion, it would be right to start from the basic principles of life: production and consumption of energy (food, energy, communication) in order to create the preconditions for a certain healthy and safe life for us and our generations.

 Let us teach one another our knowleedge and share it !

The association has designed programs depending on the weather conditions and the season, and they refer to organized activities in the area of ​​Western and Eastern Serbia, nature reserves – Fruška Gora, Kopaonik, Tara, Zlatibor, Obedska bara.

Also, in rural areas with a reduced percentage of the population, the Association brings its authentic fractal drawing activities and thus aspires to merge seemingly incompatible social groups into activities that connect urban and rural on a personal level.

If you have a suggestion or idea how you can enrich this way and principle of action, do not hesitate to contact us.