Artistic fractals - Guided and free form

Within the method, and after mastering the basic rules, therapeutic combination of colors and relations of symbols and elements, you can work on artistic fractals that primarily activate creativity and encourage self-confidence in students. Of course it will always systematically activate harmonization based on basic relations of color and shape.

This is an area where you can experiment in many different ways, as long as you follow the basic rules and principle of each Art Free Form. They can be with and without a network, emotional, support fractals, mandalas, with personal symbols, collective, partner and family fractals, meditative on a specific task, etc.

In cooperation with the therapist, the student can always choose the appropriate artistic fractal form for the situation in which he finds himself or choose according to his own feeling if he already has enough experience in the Method of Fractal Drawing. Certainly, neurological and physiological activation by color and shape always has a therapeutic effect, regardless of the chosen type of fractal. It is recommended to do completely free form only after enough experience and mastered cycles.

Artistic fractals are offering the biggest scale of opportunities. It allows that therapist to form a program based on his knowledge and experience for those students who are not able or not interested in going through the annual cycle. It is perfect for students that would like to draw and feel well even on the basis of starting / basic cycle. The most common problem for such students is the time that should be set aside continuously and daily – that is why this type of drawing is usualy taken from the middle aged people, the ones who still work a lot.


 Art fractals can be done on different dimensions and colors of paper, different surface and different coloring techniques.

What is always recommended is that each type of art fractal drawing you first done on the usual A4 format and on white paper. Later, with advances in technique and knowledge of the Method, participants will always be able to have an authentic approach accompanied by a therapist, using even a combined technique, or work in different media (textiles, wood, plastic, etc.).

Certainly, Artistic Fractals can be the only field in which students will try, and the prerequisite is to first master the basic cycle of at least 7 drawings, with several additional consultations and instructions in which direction individual skills training should go.

Fractal drawing made as a control point will provide the therapist with information what is the best rhythm and order of correction. Than  therapyst will determine the most adequate schedule of activities within the work on artistic fractals for you,  that in the same time will be corrective one.

Although this type of fractal drawing offers a lot of independence and creatively stimulates the student, one should always work with the accompaniment and support of a therapist, especially if at least one annual cycle has not been completed before.

This is important to keep in mind, because independent work without consultations can create an illusion for the student, despite the subjective feeling of current improvement, that he is on the way to solve personal or developmental problems, which in this way still persist and can only change shape.