To start, you need a set of at least 24 crayons, including black but without white. We need white A4 paper weight of  120-200 g / m2.

The Annual Cycle includes three phases : 3 sets of 7 drawings each.

The cycle is done a minimum once to a maximum twice a year, and it takes 2.5 to 3 months to create a cycle with consultations

BASIC LEVEL (first set of 7 drawings)

The initial or basic level represents three diagnostic and 4 correction drawings. During this cycle, the draftsman will receive an overview of his current condition, personal analysis, as well as details for correction in the first 4 corrective drawings. The effects he will get are noticeably better and more balanced mental and emotional state, that he will be able to develop in further work.

He will also master the basic rules about the types and manner of drawing correction drawings and the qualities of colors.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (second set of 7 drawings)

This level contains 6 correction drawings and one control diagnostic. Mastering new symbols and elements of the fractal network with an emphasis on perfecting the mental line and details of the drawing in combination with the choice of color. Monitoring the condition and diagnosing open questions that are recognizable and important for further development: in terms of personality structure, emotional responses / reactions to therapeutic challenges and projected intentions in this regard.

The effects obtained in this phase are awareness and opening insight into the parts of the personality that the student aims to activate, balance, improve or develop.

FINAL LEVEL (end of the annual cycle)

The last 7 correction drawings should bring active improvement in the therapeutically treated areas of the previous level, so that the drawtsman gets a quality improvement not only in them, but also in activities so far “foreign and unnatural” for the artist, ie some areas of life and work that he considered impossible to deal with or did not even have in his field of interest. The cycle may contain another 22nd  drawing, but its creation and therapeutic effect are decided by the therapist based on the previous work and progress of the draftsman.


This type of workshop and training can be done in several ways. The basic level lasts 5 weeks and contains workshops where the principles and rules of artistic fractals can be mastered. Upon completion of the basic level, for each student will be designed a specific work scheme and suggested ways of further personal development.

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