Fractal Cognitive Technique for Meditative and Educative Art Therapy

This method was primary established in the early nineties in Russia. Author is clinical psychologist Tanzilija Zakirovna Polujahtova presently living in Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk region in Russia) and her late husband physicist E.Komov who also made significant effort and influenced the method.

This method is as well, is based on the work and scientific studies of some other scientist, such as Max Lüscher, Benoit Mandelbrot, Donald Hebb, let us say only the most important ones.


Method is unique and represent specific combination of art and science that pervades in diagnostics, prognosis and corrective technique that can be considered as a personal therapy and personal development in a form of different drawing rules.

Practicing and learning the method, within different types of work, one can make new and improve existing potentials in personal development, starting from the early childhood up to the old age.

Term Fractal is usually connected with mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, explaining in mathematics a physical phenomena of “ the art of roughness” and “uncontrolled element in life”. He develops mathematics formulas and system that enables finding certain self similarity in the roughness of nature.

This term is used in the nomination of our method in order to show what one person’s drawing represent: In the assigned manner that is a diagnostics presentation of the whole person. It gives situation of persons response to the environment as well as personal quality that is immanent for the person that draws.

One small piece of person’s expression through drawing is a practically his unconscious presentation of himself. It is based upon neurological and physiological response of a healthy individual and furthermore the given possibilities that are coming from information obtained and acknowledged from personal resources. This information person will receive with help of the therapist and will be led to a process without any traumatic experience.


By drawing with our eyes closed we eliminate part of our perception, because with our perception of world in general we are making our knowledge and accordingly our reaction on it. We think that we can believe only in what we see. Our reaction varies from our emotions, decisions, actions and perceived information will determine what and how we will construct our path in our life.

First, we must know that all we see do not come with instructions. We delegate our previous qualities that we gained in life with surrounding circumstances. Than we make conclusions and act accordingly. When we draw with eyes closed we eliminate that knowledge and we are forced to look more in to deeper instincts and feelings in our soul. We thus try to express what we “see” of our innerselves. Our brain is not used to work in absolutes – we are functioning in relations.

This is why we are drawing with eyes closed and we make relations to ourselves – our emotions, our wishes, our thoughts, without any possibility to relate to other but ourselves. Only   about 10% of what we see is throughout the eyes, because what we see we transform with the help of other parts of the brain ( memory, knowledge, experience, emotions…) and our eyes deceive us.

We visually receive information that we learned to read in a certain way. We are seeing what is useful, not what is correct.

Our eyes are looking contextually for relations. Question is what is useful and what we “think” that is useful. As Beau Lotto like to say that we see :” Behavioral value of the data, not the data”.

So, all we see is what we used to see, what we learned as useful, what we received through our species, gender, tradition, genetics, education… All we see is within our context of memory-otherwise we will try to put ourselves in the situation to produce relation and to have new experience that is personally useful. Or we think that is useful.

This is te situation many of us has been to – when saying “Why I’m always doing the same mistake”? That is because we are putting ourselves in to the situation we know – it is safe, we will survive- but are we going to learn something new?

New experience – seeing new data (knowledge)

That is a kind of definition of the Science itself, intention to play with new circumstances. Evolution is when that Science become useful.

Now with this method we will make our experience useful through new perception of the data we have as a valid in our system.

Old data –seeing new experience (transformed knowledge) and thus we will evolve ourselves.

Or, better say we will synchronize our inner being with the natural potential we have gained by birth and healthy potentials we epigenetically have but we do not realize fully.

This we do with using line/shape and colour.

LINE for making new neurotransmitters and COLOUR making new impact within certain familiar quality through vibration and frequency of the colour.

The proces is much more complicated than it looks from outside. It is almost superficial looking as a simple activity: as same as you looking people in the gym – they are only lifting weight, run and sweat. But, what physical exercise is doing for our body, mental exercise is doing for our brain.


To have a knowledge that we do not use is not wise way to travel in life. Here, with non aggressive and friendly attitude we transform knowledge we have as operational skill, to a new personal growth new communication, new work, family, personal relations etc.

” Even the clock looked by the side shows no time ”, M.Duchamp.

Here we will learn to see clock from all sides possible, because each and every cell that we have is designed for a certain purpose and role it has to perform. Some of them just didn’t received its homework and still do in “fabric adjustment”.

Be curious, take a peek in to your wishes and possibilities,

overcome your fears and try something new.

It is easy when you take some time for you, because if you are not good for yourself how can you be good for others.

Time will not be coin we will gain, it will be energy that we have and possess.

 And it will be inexhaustible because you generate it yourself.

This is the first and only time you will learn something with eyes closed. This is probably first time you can easily transform to your desired qualities. You only need time, each and every day. Like a good sportsman. Like devoted one. Here we are drawing cardiogram of the soul that is written in secluded part of unconscious. From each picture, drawing and sketch you make we’ll make best possible for you.

We are drawing with eyes closed. We’ll not look for mistakes and remembering our old wounds.

All we know- we are.

Let us make that knowledge to work in our favor and make it with joy and easiness.

By drawing.

Welcome to your different new world.