Specifically foreseen Programs / Seminars

One of the main goals set by Ars Vitae is the application and improvement of specific and unconventional forms of art therapy in psychology, psychotherapy and education in the field of active meditative drawing for different sociological groups, marginalized groups and different age groups.

That is why constant networking and education from related fields and sciences is necessary.

In that sense, setting annual and semi-annual goals has the task of spreading the application and use of this and other types of art therapy that are close to the method.

In the work so far, since we were given the opportunity to work in the USA, we had the opportunity to compare the ways of reaction and the degree of activation of the basic principles of the method on a small sample of students who expressed interest in the method. Our plan is to expand the studies to a larger population and a selection of socially different types of population, which we would combine into a joint study with a local specialized Art Therapy University that deals with creative therapy or art therapy.

Interesting point of comparative study is that multicultural environment gives better effective response than the one with one dominantly cultural tradition. The topic of this type of research will be comparative epigenetic influence : what is a reactivity degree between form and color in fractal drawings of different cultural environments  and patterns.

About these and similar activities, when the research is completed, a publication will be published with accompanying materials and reports that can serve as inspiration for various experiments.